How to Create Smooth Hairstyles for Black Hair Using Flat Iron


Silky straight ultra-smooth and shiny strand is every woman’s desire at some point. Getting your hair done so perfectly with a smooth shiny look takes a lot of effort and time. There are tools like flat iron to help any woman get that smooth and sleek look that she desires.Smooth Hairstyles for Black Hair

Using flat iron to create smooth hairstyles is becoming more and more popular

Flat iron gives you the option of carrying your hair super straight and smooth or you can leave your hair wavy. There is a versatility it allows for those who want to change their hairstyles when the mood arises. With a good flat iron you can achieve that smooth hairstyle.

As with most great styles, one has to realize that achieving the perfect hair style with your natural hair begins from the moment you shampoo and rinse out. You need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Avoid sulphate based shampoos because it ends up drying out the strands of your hair, look for sulphate free shampoo that is suitable for your black hair and use it before the flat ironing. Make sure you rinse out every product thoroughly.

Apply a straightening or smoothening serum while your hair is still wet. While your hair is still damp, apply a straightening or smoothening serum through your hair to keep it smooth and shiny during the flat ironing process. The smoothening serum also protects the hair from heat damage and prevents breakage. It serves as a barrier between your hair and the heat that comes from the flat iron.

Choosing the right flat iron is also important

In the long run if you want to get desired results and reduce heat damage on your hair. Your flat iron should be the right size for your hair texture and length. It should also have quality plates like ceramic or titanium that will help distribute the heat evenly and give you that desired smooth hairstyle. It should also have adjustable temperature settings so you can set it at the temperature that is best for your hair type.

It’s easier to get a smooth and sleek finish on your hair when it’s already stretched and dry. You can wash the hair and allow it to dry on twists or braids overnight. You can also use rollers, roll each section of hair and allow it to dry while it is still wet. If you are in a hurry, you can choose to blow dry your hair. Set the blow dryer to a very low temperature and use a suitable brush and comb, you always need to remember less heat, less damage, more heat, more damage. Keep that in mind whenever you are making use of any hot tools on your hair. The braid, twists or rollers help to keep the hair detangled and stretched. When the hair is already stretched, the flat iron glides easily through the hair without snagging on any strand and you are left with a hair style that is smooth and sleek.

Always detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb or round brush. Even after detangling your hair when shampooing and conditioning you can still detangle it when flat ironing your black hair. Use a wide tooth comb to run through the section of hair to be flat ironed and then use the flat iron to go through the hair. Combing or brushing helps the hair get detangled before clamping the flat iron on it. You can also use the wide tooth comb to hold the hair in place while flat ironing.

Don’t be in a hurry when using the flat iron to create a smooth hairstyle for your black hair. Flat ironing your hair in a hurry only ends up leaving you with damaged hair and a style that is not as smooth as you want. Flat ironing takes a lot of time so you need to be ready for that. Part your hair into sections and then take your time sliding the flat iron through each section of the hair from the root of the hair down to the tips. When you rush through the process, the heat might not be evenly distributed among the hair strands and some areas might end up looking smoother than the others. Always keep the straightener moving to achieve smoother results; clamping the straightener on one part of the hair for a long time might leave the hair damaged and full of ridges.

Smooth it out

After you have straightened your hair with the flat iron, apply a silicone based shine spray or smoothening product to your hair to give it that smooth and sleek look. Place a small amount of any silicon based smoothening serum on your hands, rum them together and then carefully spread it evenly over your hair to boost shine and make it smooth.


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