5 Tips for Buying A Blow Dryer for Natural Hair


Blow Dryers are a must have styling tool for natural hair. You will be using your blow dryer every day for styling, so you will need to make sure that you purchase a best blow dryer for natural hair. Heat products are notorious for causing damage when used frequently. If you regularly use your blow dryer in combination with a heat tool, such as a crimper, curling iron, or flat iron, you are putting your hair at risk for irreparable damage. Using heat on natural hair can cause damage, breakage, split ends, and frizziness. You are using your heat products to make your hair look its very best.

blow dryer for natural hair

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But often, you are doing more harm than good if you are not using the right blow dryer for natural hair. If you will be using your blow dryer daily, you will be better off spending some extra money to purchase a quality blow dryer. Don’t simply pick the blow dryer because it is the lowest price. Quite often, the lower price dryers are lacking options and features that will minimize damage to your natural hair. So how can you be sure the blow dryer you are a buying will be quality? They all advertise great claims. But how can we be sure the blow dryer will minimize damage? Here are some tips on what features to look for in a blow dryer to make sure you are buying a truly quality blow dryer for natural hair.

Understand the heating element

What exactly is the heating element? Well, that is the piece of the blow dryer that will produce the heat. The motor rotates a fan that will create wind that moves over the element and produces a hot blast of air to dry your natural hair. Different materials and different technologies are used in various models. Different elements work better than others for some types of natural hair. Ceramic is a common material used for heating elements. It works well because the material will heat evenly, creating a consistent temperature. We don’t recommend plastic and metal type elements.

They do not maintain consistent heat. Metal is known for creating hot spots and heat damage. If you are able to spend a bit more on the blow dryer, you might wish to invest in a blow dryer with an ionic element. For those of you with science backgrounds, you may already know that an “ion” is an atom or molecule that has a positive or negative charge due to differences in the number of normal electrons. The hot air that is produced by an ionic element is negatively charged. This negative charge allows the air particles to penetrate hair more easily. An ion charged blow dryer will allow for faster drying. It can also give your hair a more full-bodied appearance. One type of element that uses Ionic technologies is the tourmaline coated type of element.

Tourmaline is a mineral that is often crushed up and used for coating a ceramic element. It is also sometimes used on titanium elements. Titanium is a bit more expensive, but the quality is well worth the extra cost if you have coarse hair that is difficult to dry. Titanium can hold higher heats than ceramics. Titanium is the best you can buy if you have hair that is very difficult to dry. The extra high heat will help you work through your course hair quickly.

Find a higher wattage blow dryer

Professional salon stylists typically use high wattage blow dryers. The higher the wattage, the higher the temperature will be. By using a blow dryer with a minimum of 1300 watts, a professional stylist can work quickly after shampooing hair. The high wattage blow dryer dries hair very quickly. It also gives extra heat when needed for styling.

If you are often styling your hair in a hurry, you will want to opt for a high wattage blow dryer for natural hair. You may be able to find a blow dryer that operates on as high as 1800 watts. Be careful not to overdry. Excess heat can cause damage to hair. So you will only need to use this powerful dryer for just a few minutes.

Look for multiple heat settings

You will find it useful to select from multiple levels of heat for different styling needs. Make sure to buy a blow dryer that has at least two heat settings. We also recommend to find a hair dryer with a cool setting which only blows room temperature air.

In addition to the heat setting, you will also find that some blow dryers also have multiple fan speeds. You will love being able to select from a variety of settings for total control of your style. This advice applies to all heat styling products, such as irons.

Find quality blow dryer attachments

The attachments for blow dryers come in handy for multiple styling affects. Make sure you buy a blow dryer that will be compatible with any attachments you wish to use. My favorite attachment for my blow dryer is the diffuser. The diffusing attachment distributes heat evenly for a less direct flow of heat. I like to use the diffuser attachment for days with high humidity, as I notice a significantly less amount of frizz.

I also like the hair styling comb attachments for easy styling. They help to smooth the hair as you dry your hair. The smooth hair is much more manageable for styling, and looks very nice when using the comb attachment.

Quality over bargain

A good rule of thumb to live by is we get what we pay for. It’s so true when buying a blow dryer for natural hair. So please don’t be tempted to allow the bargain price to be your deciding factor. Go ahead and make the decision to view your purchase as an investment.

Be willing to spend a bit more money if quality really matters to you. If you are using your blow dryer each and every day, you will want to know it’s made of sound design and materials. Invest in a higher priced machine for the best quality.

You want to make sure you are buying a blow dryer for natural hair that will withstand many days of styling for years to come.


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